Evan Carmichael on Marketing Trends in 2017

Prominent YouTuber Evan Carmichael is considered one of the most influential social media influencers by Forbes magazine. Carmichael asserts that the seven marketing trends to dominate in social media for entrepreneurs are:

Small businesses will dominate big brands in obtaining brand loyalty through unfiltered content via social media, while big brands will mostly struggle due to the various loops that must be covered before content gets released. This will help drive thriving new small businesses.

He goes on stating that video will dominate and it will become increasingly crucial across all social platforms. Authentic storytelling and the ability to use a platform to convey this will be essential.

Mobile devices are becoming more common used next to desktop devices for social media platforms. Therefore, businesses marketers must focus on mobile first as mobile use continues to grow. Websites and campaigns will stand a better chance of yielding higher views and ultimately conversions if they are geared towards mobile users primarily as the priority audience.

As advertisement costs rise it is crucial to take advantage of the social platforms now within respected niches before demand for these ad services rises. Also, small businesses spending on advertisement will pay more to reach their audience as more and more brands switch to marketing on social media platforms. As of right now Facebook targeted ads is the most cost effective platform to reach specific target segments but the cost will rise as the years go on.

Social media influencer marketing will become more competitive as the demand for these influencers increases. As bigger companies realize that these social media influencers have a great leveraging tool for their products, the demand for these influencers will increase as will their prices. Therefore, it is important for small businesses and startups to get a head start. After all the influencers know their own audience better then the bigger

The businesses creating the most content will yield the highest brand awareness across all social media platforms. As small businesses and big corporations create more content for social media platforms, the highest quality content will standout and just as important is the authenticity of the content created.

Carmichael asserts that data nerds or people that understand analytics and YouTube  algorithms will become increasingly valuable as money shifts from Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing.

Carmichael delivers a lot of useful information that can be applied immediately on a big scale and on a smaller scale for young entrepreneurs and small businesses. Video was 14:05 in length.


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